It was once said by a great football manager that one of his best players "gives the game what it needs".

He passed when it was the best option. Dribbled when it was the best option. Went forwards when it was appropriate and backward when that looked to be the superior choice. He didn't do these things half a second before or after it was their optimal time - no rushing or hesitation. He didn't try to impose some pre-selected move onto the game.

He gave the game what it needed.


To be able to give any sport what it really needs is a key to to elite sports performance and the principle extends beyond tactical in-play decisions.

It's the same for how athletically you can use yourself within your sport (which dramatically effects the number of sports injuries you accrue).

If your sport requires that you twist, do you twist or try another action that requires another movement you find easier but isn't as fitting?

Do you hesitate your twist or rush it?

Do you twist in a well distributed manner or do you over-twist at parts and under at others?

The athletic freedom that I talk about and that I help people discover more of within themselves is the very means to able to give them game what it needs.

Are you developing your ability and freedom to give your game what it needs?


Arton "Give the game what it needs" Baleci
Float Sting - Sports Injury Rehab and Performance, Harley Street, London W1