I don't know if you went to a school like I did, but I remember the vast majority of vandal graffiti was of penises. You'd see the scrawlings of penises on the back of toilet stalls, carved into desks, drawn on pencil cases as pranks. It seemed many juvenile adolescent males were compelled to craft these primitive caveman-style "works of art".

If you've seen the movie "Superbad" you'll have seen that penis drawing really can be elevated to an imaginative and detailed art form.

Why on Earth is this sports performance rehab guy speaking about penis drawing?

Because I've realised that with some people, it's not their tool that needs to be better. Let me explain.

I work with athletes to help them upgrade their bodily control. I help them refine their tool, so to speak. But this can be like giving the penis artist a better pen or a watercolour paint set. They can do what they do better, but in the end they're still producing penises. Just prettier ones.

Sometimes the tool isn't what needs the upgrade. More often than not it's the maturity of decision making that would transform things.

I see way too many people for my liking with unbelievable bodily skill and frighteningly good technical ability in their sports being way less than they can be all because they're juvenile in the way they're using these assets.

They're like sporting equivalents of a penis-painting Picasso.

If you know people or are a Penile Picasso yourself who wants to change, fear not. Here at Float Sting, I'm upgrading my game over the coming few months. To help people whose bodily control isn't their primary area of improvement, I'll be integrating practices into what I do to help people become more mature sporting artists.

I want to see some more of you make real masterpieces.
You're better than painting penises, however pretty you paint them,


Arton "The tool" Baleci
Float Sting - Sports Performance and Rehab