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If your car had a worn down tyre, would you think the tyre was faulty (even though all your tyres are the same brand and age) or would you suspect the car was somehow putting more pressure on that tyre?

Many people have pain in a shoulder when they bench or shoulder press. They are convinced there is a problem with their shoulder. More often than not, the shoulder is not to blame. It is the rest of the body organised in such a way that undue stress is put on that shoulder, much like the car putting strain on the worn tyre.

To imagine a clear example, imagine being laid down to bench press with a spirit level laid across your chest. If the level isn't level, there isn't much chance that you will experiencing and creating equal forces through both sides. If the chest isn't level or the pelvis isn't level or the feet or something else isn't well balanced, a shoulder can pay the price.

If this is the case, is it any wonder that shoulder treatment wouldn't work? Just like changing the worn tyre, the problem still exists. Level the car out and the tyre no longer takes excessive strain. "Level" the body out and the shoulder needn't either.

If you're sick and tyred of shoulder pain during pressing, come work with me. Even the longest running problems can be improved more quickly than you can imagine.


Arton "The Mechanic" Baleci
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