Golf is an interesting mix of fine movement skill and explosive power.

Just getting balls will not fully develop either of these attributes.

Here are three ways (there are MANY more) you can improve your movement, your precision and your power.


1) Improve the mobility of your hips, especially in internal rotation.

During your downswing, you move a lot through your hips. With your lead foot fixed on the ground, your lead hip needs to be able to allow lots of rotation of your pelvis around it. A free hip joint is not only necessary due to the magnitude of the movement but the speed of the movement too. That lead hip can move at around 225 degrees per second at its peak speed. We don't want tightness robbing us of that speed which ultimately helps generate ball speed.

The movement of the lead hip is internal rotation and that of the trail hip is external rotation. Both sorts of rotation are best improved, but internal rotation is especially important because it is generally poor in our population and it is more strictly necessary in the downswing with the lead foot being planted (the trail foot can rotate, lowering the need for full external rotation in the trail hip).


2) Learning to produce greater force more rapidly.

In our drives, we want maximum club speed to produce maximal ball speed and carry. Do do this, we need to move very explosively. Although we are swinging a fairly light implement (the club) and hitting a very light object (the ball), we can create a force in excess of 10,000 (that's the force that a one tonne stationary object applies down into the ground) Newtons for a split second. We also momentarily apply a greater force to the ground than our body usually does (thinking of jumping onto a set of scales and watching the needle flicker higher than your weight).

Even though speed seems of utmost importance, we need a body that can move quickly and that can absorb and produce large forces. 

High speeds occur with minimal loads. Adding load beyond a certain point slows any movement down. Maximal loads (which require maximal forces to move them) move at much lower speeds.

But here is the thing - "minimal load" is relative to how strong your are maximally.

To give maximal speed to the club, one must produce force right through themselves utilising motion from the ground up, similar to a jump. If you weigh 70kg and can squat 70kg extra, your bodyweight will be more difficult for your to explode up quickly from the floor with than somebody who weighs the same as you but can squat 140kg. With the same technique, they will drive further than you.

You need to learn to rotate more quickly and part of that comes from being stronger so you can produce more force from the ground up.


I'll write about the third thing you can do to boost your golf performance and why the title includes the word "physical" in inverted brackets in the next few days.


Arton "Powering Golfers" Baleci
Float Sting - Athletic Performance + Rehab, Manchester

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