After the success of and interest in my recent 1 Month Mobility Challenge where I made great progress with my overhead squat, I've decided to start another mobility mission.

This month, I'm feeling hungry for mobility gains so I'm going to devour a position called the pancake - legs straddled, knees straight and folded forwards as far as possible. Think belly to floor and hands reaching as far forward as possible..

As you can see, my legs don't spread that wide and my forward folding/reaching is poor. I can't even really sit upright in the straddle position without a rounded back.

Wish me luck for this one - I'm gonna need it!

I hope you'll follow my journey and have a go yourself as most of us can do with more flexible adductors and hammies. We can all get there if we go nibble by nibble.


Arton "The Pancake Nibbler" Baleci
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