Not one to rest on my laurels after a successful month long mobility mission that finished yesterday (see the results here if you haven't already), I'm straight into another project.

The gymnastics bridge is my latest target.

I checked mine this morning after a full workout, 2x15 gentle limbers on the stall bars, 10 downward dogs into upward dogs and 4 press ups into bridge. I was very warm when I did this and it is absolutely nowhere near what I consider to be a gymnastics bridge.

A textbook bridge has the chest directly over the wrists, the elbows straight and the knees straight. Nowhere near!

Given the rough angles (this is imprecise given I am working from an image where the angle and perspective of the image influence these angles), I have nearly 40 degrees for the chest to come forwards over the wrists, nearly 50 degrees for the elbows to straighten and 80 degrees for the knees to straighten.

What a month I have ahead of me!

I want to explain my reason for this sudden, relentless spate of mobility projects.

Firstly, having spent many years until my mid twenties playing sports that tightened me up, I want to be able to practise more of what I preach. I have spent many years getting better at the work I do to help others play their sports and achieve their athletic aims better. I now want to benefit from all that I have learned myself, knowing how important mobility is from the inside out. I am in a quest to free up my ability to move day by day.

Secondly, it depresses me watching how most people go about doing mobility work now that I know its importance. Many do none and others do lots of ineffective work that leads them nowhere.  

I want those of you that this applies to to know that you needn't spin your wheels. With some time dedicated in the right way, you can make significant strides towards goals in just weeks.

Get with the game and join me in my project. Let my daily work inspire or frustrate you into action. 


Arton "Bridging the gap" Baleci

Float Sting - Athletic Performance + Rehab, Manchester


P.S. pardon the minor pixelation of the image that occurred during a minor rotation. There is probably a quick fix that I don't know! 





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