Revenant - one that returns after death or long absence.

What a long absence it has been. So long that you may not recognise me anymore.

I have made my way back from the blogging wilderness. In 2014, I wrote around three blogs per week for for you and my other readers to peruse. In 2015, I wrote a mere handful.

Last year was a hard year for me. Metaphorically speaking, I was mauled by some ugly beasts and left for dead in no-man's land. You can see that at least during my time away my flair for telling stories with all the gusto of a drama-queen hasn't diminished.

I was wounded, confused and majorly disorientated. I stayed still for a while in my pain to check if I was in one piece. Once I realised I was, truth be told, I still laid in that isolated spot. I could have began to crawl but I didn't know where to go. I had lost my sense of direction. Many of the guiding notions I had held had been torn to shreds. Where do you go when you don't have a map?

Having laid still in proverbial pain for a long time, I can tell you now that going anywhere is better than going nowhere. Even if the energy it takes to start moving may feel like a waste given a lack of direction, it isn't. Getting moving can give a crucial change of environment and perspective that can help build a new sense of orientation.

Here I am, pulling myself back towards civilisation, inch by inch, step by step. I share my tale for former readers as you may be curious where I'd gone and in the hope for all readers that you can take something from it.

Maybe you have been through some injury or ordeal. Maybe you have felt abandoned. Maybe you haven't known what to do or where to go.

I don't know your individual answer but I do know that you won't find it staying still any longer than you must. Your answer will come when you get moving, however ugly, slow and aimless that movement is.

In the coming few blogs I'll talk about some of the illusions about my work that were savaged in the wilderness and how that makes me a better coach for you.


Arton "The Revenant" Baleci
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