If you could have seen me stacking over and over at the new local trampoline play park the other day, I may have gone down in your estimations. 

You didn't...so pheeeeew.

Anyhow, before the bouncing I was getting ready in the changing room with my friends and one need £1 for a locker. I didn't have another quid in my pockets so I decided to rummage around in the outer compartment of my bag. There are all sorts of forgotten "treasures" there.

Coins jangled. I thought we were in business but the larger coins were all Euros. Then I felt notes that I didn't know were there - bonus! But no, they were Hungarian currency. Hungarian Forint would be unrecognised by many people, myself included.

I briefly thought to myself that I could take one of these notes to the desk, say a 5000 which is worth more than a tenner, and the staff still wouldn't have given me a pound coin. 

"Your money is no good here, sir" they'd have said, believing that I was trying to con them with some strange Monopolyesque notes.

Sometimes value means nothing if it's an incompatible currency.

Movements are the same.

Certain movements and exercises will be accepted as valuable by certain individuals, helping them progress towards their athletic goals, and those same movements will be rejected by others as useless actions that don't help them at all.

Some people's jumps will be helped by improved ankle mobility where others will benefit massively from improved thoracic extension. 

Some people's golf swings will be upgraded through greater spinal mobility, others more so through loosening their hips or shoulder blades.

Some people desperately need mobility work to improve power, some need absolute strength, some need speed training.

We all find different currencies valuable and others useless.

Make sure your training has value to YOU.


Arton "Bereau de Change" Baleci
Float Sting - Sports Performance and Rehab