I've heard it said that you do best the thing that you need most.

Nearly seven years ago, I had to stop training for a football project I had given my heart and soul to for a few years. Kicking caused excruciating pain and nobody could explain why. My knee was in one piece (although clicking), my pain was a mystery and nothing I tried helped me.

After lots of learning and trial and error, I was able to kick again.

My pain was peculiar - I've not heard of others having the same experience - but during my search for answers, there was something I was surprised not to find. I couldn't find any good detailed information on the kicking movement.

That struck me as strange. There are countless books on the golf swing, the tennis serve is known in detail, the baseball pitch is broken down in depth. Football is probably the most popular sport in the world and the movement around which the game revolves has not been examined in the same way.

This had to change...so I have changed it.

"Move Smoother, Strike Harder: Methods for improving accuracy and power in football kicking" is my first book. In it, I break down the kicking movement, present ways to improve your ability to execute it and then look at other ways you can upgrade the way you strike a ball.

The book is written stripped of as much jargon as possible so that players and coaches without backgrounds in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and conditioning can pick up what they need to improve playing and coaching skills. Athletes and coaches from other sports that involve kicking (rugby, Gaelic football, Aussie rules football, American football, many of the martial arts) will also find relevant info in there.

I am the first to acknowledge that kicking isn't the be-all and end-all of being a better player but I firmly believe that we should give this central skill the respect that it warrants. Some will be served better than others by prioritising it.

Whatever your level of play, if you're committed to being better, every sliver of improvement counts.

You can buy the book through the link below or from me if we're seeing each other any time soon.

Move Smoother, Strike Harder


Arton Baleci