I have been helping athletes and people from many walks of life improve their mobility and the way they move for many years.

Now it's my turn...hopefully our turn.

I'm going to work on developing my range in a specific position every day for the next month, posting photos and videos of my work as I go. At the end of the month, we'll see how far I've gone.

I'm going to work on my overhead squat position with my hands at approximately shoulder width.

To the right is a photo of my starting position after three minutes of warm-up at resistance level 5 on an elliptical cross trainer at around 120rpm, just to get my core temperature up a little.

To make this squat better, I'll need better ankle, hip, spine and shoulder range.

One month mobility challenge day 1 angles.png

This could be problematic for me given that I have tibial torsion on both sides, more pronounced on my right side. This primarily structural issue affects how my knees track over my ankles and how the ankles bend  (you can see that my feet point out in the photo to kind of substitute for a lack of ankle dorsiflexion) so I may have bitten off more than I can chew given such a short time frame here but to hell with it. Let's see what I can do even with a structural issue.

I'm going to be sharing media on this every day. I hope you join me in a quest for better mobility and share some pics too.

Post a photo of your overhead squat on my Facebook page or to my Instagram and let's see what a month of solid work can do for it.


Arton "Squat it like it's hot" Baleci
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