My latest mobility challenge was the gymnastics bridge, a pose that most adults struggle to do well due to inflexible shoulder, a kyphotic thoracic spine and uber-short hip flexors.

With some days off over the Christmas/NY period and half of my back going into severe spasm on Friday, I thought this project may be a bridge too far after my two previous successes with the pancake and the overhead squat.

Friday afternoon I was walking around like Quasimodo, stopping regularly because of sharp bouts of pain. Saturday and Sunday I moved through comfortable ranges where possible between hot baths and watching movies on the sofa.

Monday, with my pain about a third of what it was originally I trained around the pain doing some heavy upper body strength work that I believed wouldn't provoke the area (to the left of my thoracic spine). Feeling a little better being warm and having moved plenty, I did some gentle backbending using my knowledge of biomechanics to select a backbend that would minimise my risk of aggravating my recovering back.

This morning, my back felt decent enough to train a heavy partial sumo deadlift. It was so later in my session I slowly warmed up my spine, shoulders and hips. I didn't know if my sensitive thoracic muscles could take aggressive active contraction. The bridge is one of the biggest tests of the contractability of these muscles around. I had a go.

I was pretty happy with the results!

My knees are straighter, my chest is closer to being directly over my hands and my elbows are pretty much straight.

About 25 days of 20 minutes per day in 33 days led to this improvement.

One month, real results.

If you know you need to be more mobile and have wasted lots of time with ineffective methods or you don't know where to start, drop me an email by clicking here.

A month can make a significant difference.


Arton "Bridging the mobility gap" Baleci
Float Sting - The Athletic Transformation Specialist, Manchester