After a few successful mobility projects, I have decided that my next one is going to be a little different, partly out of necessity and partly out of desire.

The forward bend, forward fold, pike, toe touch, sit and reach or whatever else you wish to call it is a common test of mobility with many not being able to get hands to toes.

As you can see to the side, in an active (meaning that I am using only my abs and hip flexors to pull me into this position) sit and reach test, I can reach past my feet. I approximately get my thumbs level with my soles. I've also marked a line along from my wrist to my armpit and measured its angle relative to the floor. Ultimately, the aim is to reach further beyond my feet and decrease the amplitude of the illustrated angle.

I mentioned at the start that this month will be different, hence the title "experiment".

This month I will spend no more than 60 seconds on any day doing anything that could be described as hamstring stretching. Most days I will probably fold forward no more than 30 seconds.

Firstly, I want to show that not all that much time is needed to make significant changes within short time frames when it comes to mobility.

Secondly, I don't think my hamstrings are a major issue within this pattern. If anything, I'm chronically anteriorly tilted at the pelvis which means my hammies are chronically long.

When I have gone through periods of stretching them in years gone by, I have ended up getting a little extra range at the cost of major soreness that has always put my backwards in my pursuits of strength and mobility.

Lots of my mobility training over this coming month (I started 6 days ago - late post, oops!) will revolve around taking my hamstrings out of their constant stretch by repatterning the length-strength relationships of the muscles that tilt the pelvis and those further afield that also influence this pelvic posture.

I'll spend most of my time working on my feet, ankles, hip flexors, glutes, abs, back, ribcage and neck.

Will the experiment work? Keep an eye out on my Facebook or Instagram to see my almost daily mobility experimentation.


Arton Baleci
Float Sting - The Athletic Transformation Specialist, Manchester