Another mobility experiment, another win!

My hamstrings, glutes and back can all achieve more length while my hip flexors and lower abdominals can contract to more of their potential shortness. My active mobility is greatly improved. As you can see by looking at the angle my lower back now makes to the floor, I can fold a fair bit deeper.

3.5 degrees may not sound a lot but consider that the flattest possible angle that my arm could make to the floor if I were insanely mobile is 15 degrees (in the case of my torso being completely flat to my legs). This makes my 3.5 degree gain a 25% closing of the gap to "ideal" in just over a month...

of 4-5 short sessions per week...

only doing forward bending stretches, movements and exercises for a maximum of 1 minute per session.

Most of this was done by working on my ankles, hip flexors and thoracic spine.

Mobility gains are made quite differently from how most people go about trying to achieve them...and generally failing. I know as I failed for more years that I care to admit.

If need to improve your mobility to boost your performance capabilities in your sport or athletic activity, drop me an email to check whether you are eligible to work with me.

More on mobility in the coming days.


Arton "Winning at mobility" Baleci
Float Sting - The Athletic Transformation Specialist, Manchester

P.S. for anybody who believes that mobility, strength and power can't be ideally developed simultaneously, I put 20kg on a deadlift variation this morning. You can be more mobile, stronger and faster all at once.