Golf is revered by many to be one of the toughest and most frustrating sports around.

The degree of control required to play the game well is phenomenal.

People often ascribe this control as psychological.

While I agree that somebody's mental state as they take a shot is crucial to their shot performance, I think that their physical state is equally as important.

Having worked with scores of golfers down the years, I have seen how their physical state can directly influence their control.

How can somebody control their club and the ball off it if they can't control themselves?

It is doable - I have seen scratch golfers with awful bodily control who manage to configure their output into good shots - but I have seen this to be the exception to the rule.

Take the example of this golfer I and Richie Marsden worked with last week.

If you watch this video closely, you may be able to see that right at the top of his backswing, there's what I will describe in the most technical terminology as a "wiggle".

Swing wiggle explanation image.png



It's very quick but it's there. His swing momentarily goes from more upright to flatter as the club transitions from backswing to downswing. The two successive frames are above.


I've then laid two successive frames roughly over each other to the right to show the difference in the club shaft angle during those transitional milliseconds (I've overlaid them slightly offset so that the different shaft angles are more apparent).


This quick wiggle made the rest of the swing highly variable and had the golfer hitting inconsistent quality shots.


Now, that wiggle wasn't an intentional thing. He didn't know he was doing it and even when he did he couldn't authentically iron it out. Any attempt to change an issue like that with thought alone generally will just move the manifestation of it to a different form.


I have seen many times that such wiggles are the result of poor mobility.

This golfer already possessed good general mobility in most areas but close assessment turned up some stiffness in areas he had no awareness of at all.

Some gentle work with these areas coupled some coaching from Richie and we got what you can see in the next video.

A clean, wiggleless swing. This swing was shown by Trackman to produce straighter shots immediately.


If your swing is inconsistent, it's most likely the case that YOU are inconsistent.

Many of us possess mobility restrictions and mobility blindspots that affect the quality and consistency of our movements. 

Even with hours of practise and expert golf coaching, these will often hinder your consistency and subsequently your score.

Richie and I helped this golfer eliminate this pesky wiggle inside a session. With a few minutes a day of some movements that I gave him, the wiggle will stay a thing of the past.

He is now free to move onto another component of his swing that will give his drive yards more.

If you're struggling with inconsistency, come see us.

Whatever your wiggle is, with the right methods it can be a thing of the past.


Arton "The Wiggle Slayer" Baleci

P.S. having worked with golfers for many years now, I'm excited to be offering an amazing programme that will boost all aspects of golf performance, heavily targeting golf-specific biomechanics, mobility and fitness, starting around June in Formby.

If you would like to take your swing to a new level and are based near Formby (Liverpool, Merseyside, Lancashire, etc), drop me an email at and I will let you know as soon as I release details on it. 

The first people in will be rewarded for their eagerness!