Train 2-3 times per week with at least one day of rest in between training sessions.


  • 2 sets of a challenging number of reps of both lower body exercises supersetted (split squats, straight to SL glute bridges then a 60s rest)
  • 2 sets of a challenging number of reps of both upper body exercises supersetted
  • 1 plank and 1 side plank hold each side for a challenging duration

With the push-ups and the band rows, do one set with hands shoulder width apart (as shown) and one set with the a few inches wider either side of the body.


Every session or two, do a little more (eg. 2 more reps, 2-5 seconds more).


Keep the torso as upright as possible and lightly touch the back knee towards to ground. Make sure your stance is quite long.

Have the planted heel close to your backside and keep the lifted knee as close to your torso as possible. Aim to feel the movement much more in the glute than the lower back. This is more important than lifting the pelvis high.

Keep the abs and the glutes tight. Touch the chest to the surface at the bottom of each rep.

Pull the bands to the sides of the ribs and hold for a second before returning to straight arms under control.

Abs and glutes tight, pushing the hands and feet into the ground.

Keep the pelvis high, push the hand and feet into the ground. Look towards the wall in front of you. Face your chest and pelvis this way too.