You need to write down what you are doing as you go so your programme is available to print or to fill in online if you follow the links above the videos.


The videos are unlisted so only you can see them.

For the first 2 weeks of your programme, do 2 sets then during week 3 move up to 3 sets.

Use the first two weeks to find out what sorts of weights you can use with good technique.

From week 3, for 6 weeks add one rep per set per week (eg. week 4 you will be doing 3x11). At the end of that 6 weeks come back down to 3x10 with a heavier weight and move up again a rep a week for 6 weeks.

With the abs exercises, add a rep per set per week.


When you've done that, we will change the programme.

Let me know if you have any questions as you go. You can even send videos so I can check your form if you are unsure.


We'll speak soon.

Your programme to print out

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Your programme to input online

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