Have you lost hope that you will ever be pain free or will be fully functional again?


Have you spent thousands of pounds trying to overcome a bad neck, back, shoulder or hip with no progress to show for it?


Maybe I can help.




  • 4 sessions with me with in the central London office and bespoke mandatory homework between sessions.
  • Significant difference to your condition by the end of the 4th session or your choice of free sessions with me until we have achieved significant difference or


I believe everybody can progress and if I am wrong in your case, I don't believe you should pay me for service that has benefited you in no way.


I use a mixture of hands-on and self-generated movement, manual pressure, 3D muscle loading, static stretching, voluntary concentric muscle testing, sensory awareness training and cutting edge verbal coaching methods.

Everything I do is designed to alter the way you use your body through changing the neuromuscular connections between your brain and body.


I work and get progress with everybody from Olympians and pro athletes to people with serious neurological issues. A few words from them follow and more are on my testimonials page.


"Within four relaxing sessions of working with Arton, I felt looser, taller and more balanced and more but more importantly, I noticed useful changes in my arm motion while running and in my leg speed. The day after our fourth session (all of our sessions took place during a period of intense training with increased mileage that improves fitness for later in the season but can make immediate performance suffer),I broke my personal best time for 5k in a road race by 27 seconds! I look forward to seeing how this helps me in the 1500m. I think working with Arton will help you improve your game, whatever it is."
Andrew Wiles, England 1500m runner


"...having dislocated my shoulder and suffered a crushed nerve plexus over 10 years ago I had lived with intermittent severe headaches neck and shoulder pain. I tried the usual armoury of conventional remedies including physiotherapy, steroid injections, osteopathy, acupuncture and analgeisa - including opiates with no lasting effect. Having endured a particularly severe and enduring period of relentless pain and unable to undertake normal activities of daily living I was desperate. A series of 4 sessions with Arton over a short period of time and one follow up session has resulted in me being pain free for 6 months with a sustained increased range of motion in my head neck and shoulders, I stand taller and feel balanced. Arton delivers this gentle non invasive therapy in a relaxed, focussed and confident manner which is entirely congruent with the positive results he facilitates. I would encourage anyone who has lost hope, given up or is trying to learn to live with a supposed "long term condition" to give Arton's service a shot - you will not be disappointed!"
Jill Collins, senior healthcare manager


If you want the opportunity to reclaim more comfort and mobility with this service without the risk of spending lots of time and money for nothing, your investment in the GUARANTEED RECOVERY service will be £999.


To find out more and book your first session, email me at arton@floatsting.com with 'GUARANTEED RECOVERY' as your subject, telling me a little about your condition.