Most injury/pain rehab is slow, ineffective and doesn't prepare us properly for the activities we had to stop. It is often too passive and not progressive enough in its design.


What you'll experience here isn't like most rehab. This isn't treatment or therapy, it is training.


Using a working knowledge of physiology, pain science, neuroscience and biomechanics generally used with professional athletes, you will be actively engaged in a methodical training process to gradually 

  • decrease unnecessary pain without invasive means or medication      
  • increase range of motion in key areas to spare overworked areas
  • improve movement quality by elevating bodily awareness 
  • enhance strength qualities to minimise re-injury risk & return performance levels


Whether the pain you are experiencing is short term (acute) or longer term (chronic), you can be confident in being given a high quality service that has been used and recommended by a variety of professional athletes whose jobs rely on them being as pain-free and functional as possible.


To find out more and book your first session, email mentioning the nature of the issue you wish to rehabilitate.

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