Nikhil, I think you will be faster and more coordinated if you practise some of the following list of activities and some of those in the videos.

During all standing/semi-standing activities, I suggest staying as tall as possible.

When running, stay as tall as possible and get the foot off the ground as quickly as possible during each step.

Only do the activities for as long as can be done easily without fatigue building that creates poor execution of the movements involved.


  • Walking uphill and downhill, forwards, backwards and sideways

  • Jump-rope, using as many different foot patterns as possible

  • Sled dragging, harness around waist or torso

  • The running drills that we went over together, involving staying spring and pulling the heel directly up from the floor in line with the inside of the other leg (videos to follow)

  • Bear crawling balancing objects on the back 


During the weighted carries with kettlebells, holding the kettlebell upside down (shown in videos coming soon) will make the movements much more challenging.

In the running drills that aren't skipping/bouncing-based, pull the feet off the floor directly up under the pelvis as if drawing a vertical line.