Congratulations for committing to upgrading your physical capabilities!


So that your programme can be designed to the best of my abilities to do the best job it possibly can for you, please submit answers to the following questions and then take the videos described below, sending them to

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What are your secondary aims for your training? *
You can pick none or more than one option


Please take videos of yourself doing the following movements and exercises. They can either be attached to emails and sent to or can be uploaded to a video hosting site like Youtube with the link sent to me.

  • Walking 5-10 metres towards and away from the camera.
  • 6 bodyweight squats keeping the heels on the floor throughout, 3 filmed from the front and 3 from the side.
  • Keeping the knees straight and the spine neutral, bend forward at the hips as far as your hamstring flexibility will allow while keeping the spine neutral. Video this from the side.
  • 3 full press ups, videoed from the side.
  • If the equipment is available, video 2 full range chin ups with your palms facing towards you. Full range means the elbows fully straighten at the bottom of each rep and that in the bottom position the upper arms are in line with the ears. If you don't have a bar at your disposal, include in your email a realistic account of how many chin-ups you can do. If it is zero, that is fine - I just need to know.
  • Standing against a wall, ensuring that the spine doesn't increase its arch away from the wall, lift both straight arms shoulder width apart towards the wall as if to reach the wall. Most will not reach the wall but I need to see how far away from the wall you get.

The last assessment needn't be videod but please include details of it in your email.

  • Standing with the toes of one foot against a wall, bend the knee to touch the wall. Gradually move the toes away from the wall, still bending the knee to touch the wall. Find out how far your can take the toes from the wall and still touch with the knee. Compare this to your other foot and knee. Let me know if both sides are the same or different and if different, which foot can get further away from the wall and still allow the knee to touch.


After you have completed the form above and sent the videos and details requested, you will have a training programme with you within 7 days.

After 2 weeks of training, if you would like feedback on your technique within your training so far, please send me a video of you training. 


We will speak soon.