Are you eager to get back to training, playing or just being pain-free and moving like you once did?

Are you frustrated by being prodded around on a massage table, injected with painkillers, rubbed with an ultrasound machine, left hooked up to an electrostimulation machine, told to rest excessively and all for little to no result?


Here at Float Sting, I am serious about helping get you as pain-free as possible as fast as possible so that you can play sport, exercise and live your life as comfortably and easily as possible.


Using a working knowledge of physiology, pain science, neuroscience and biomechanics generally used with professional athletes, you will be actively engaged in a methodical training process to gradually


  • decrease unnecessary pain without invasive means or medication      
  • increase range of motion in key areas to spare overworked areas
  • improve movement quality by elevating bodily awareness 
  • enhance strength qualities to minimise re-injury risk & return performance levels


Whether the pain you are experiencing is short term (acute) or longer term (chronic), you can be confident in being given a high quality service that has been used and recommended by a variety of professional athletes whose jobs rely on them being as pain-free and functional as possible.

I generally work on the gym floor with my table next to the squat rack and weights so that we can continually monitor the progress of our work together to make your rehabilitation as contextualised, fast and complete as possible. Sessions take place fully clothed just like fitness training does and often involve activity and exercise on your part.

If you are looking for a purely relaxing experience where you do nothing and are magically fixed at the end, this isn't for you. 


As I'm new in town, until the end of August I am giving 25% off my initial sessions meaning you can book a 60 minute assessment/training session for £45 instead of the usual £60.

To book your session, follow the booking process by clicking here.







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