Are you injured and unable to do the sport you want? Are you playing through pain for a while? Has physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics failed you?

Nobody wants to be out of the game or playing fearful of hurting themselves even more.

Here at FLOAT STING, I work with recreational players, hardcore weekend warriors and professionals athletes to get them back in the game and comfortable in body and mind.

I think I offer an upgraded version of what you would find at most sports injury clinics or sports injury rehab services.

I don't fix people with passive treatment. I work with you to help you unlearn the bad habits that stop you doing what you want and cause you pain. Not treatment, coaching.

I won't waste your time by giving you a list of unhelpful diagnoses. We will look matter-of-factly at what you can and can't do pain-free and work to expand what you can do comfortably until you can only move comfortably.

Speaking of comfort, our work together will be predominantly pain free. No clicking, no cracking, no invasive procedures. You will unlearn bad habits and learn new better ones more easily when you feel comfortable and safe.

Whether you have muscle, nerve or joint pain in your neck, back, knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, have lost range of movement in a joint, you feel chronically weak or you're having balance issues, however long you've been experiencing that for, whatever your sports injury, I can probably help you unlearn it.

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