Have you lost your edge? Or do you have the feeling you have more in the tank that normal training just isn't bringing out?

It's frustrating, I know. I have been in both situations.

I have came back from bad injuries to be a little slower, weaker and less agile before. I have also trained hard consistently only to plateau and feel stale.

After a major injury that baffled medics and rehabbers here, I travelled to Europe to find expert help for my hopeless situation.

I returned recovered and self-educated to help people in similar situations. And I also found a way to boost sports performance without lots of hard physical work.


You want to go beyond your current frustrations. You want to be faster, stronger, more agile and mobile. You want to be more resilient to injury. You want to take what you do to a new level.

This is what I specialise in here at FLOAT STING.


You can make a car faster without adding power under the hood by putting it in a higher gear, tuning the car and taking the handbrake off.

In the same way, without any further conditioning work, you can become more athletic.

We will use various methods that will improve the connections between the brain and body so that the muscles use more of their full potential and the joints align better enabling movement through fuller ranges.

It can be used to regain old power and find power you didn't even know you have. 

We're talking about being faster, stronger, more mobile and agile without running, lifting or stretching.

At the most fundamental level, it will help you move smoother and strike harder.

I have helped top athletes upgrade and if you're game, I would love to help you too.

Athletic Upgrade projects are a minimum of four sessions long and for the more serious athletes, can be tailored into ongoing coaching and fitness programmes.

Click here to contact me about upgrading your sports performance.

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