Olympic silver medallist 10m synchronised diver author of 'Mentor', judge on ITV's 'Splash'

“Forced to retire just before the 2008 Olympics, my body was battered to say the least, 22 years in the sport of diving had taken their tole. The last few years have been spent doing things to restore balance. After working with Arton, I immediately noticed many differences in myself. My spine moved with a freedom that had only ever been found through forceful physical manipulation but through small, gentle movements he guided. I was standing taller and was more grounded with my weight more balanced above my feet. Movement in general felt more effortless and mentally I felt more switched on. The day after our first work together, I went on a marathon training run that would usually leave me sore in my hips and knees however I felt no soreness and was much fresher than I usually would be. Coming from elite sport, I understand that these methods could benefit athletes of all standards to become stronger, faster, more limber, more powerful and more pain-free and healthy. I have already recommended another Olympic athlete use Arton's service and I suggest you do too."

. . . .


Performance Enhancement Specialist

"Arton was invited to speak to the sport science and medicine team at West Bromwich Albion to share his innovative approaches to developing movement capacity in high performance athletes. Arton delivered a thought provoking workshop. The concepts Arton discussed could easily be incorporated into practice, building upon what sport science and medicine teams already do well whilst challenging their existing ideas. Arton doesn’t blindly follow the latest trend, he is however, always open to new ideas, but remains true to the training philosophy that he has developed through successfully working as a movement specialist."

. . . .


"Arton is and has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery after a motorbike accident. Damage to my spinal cord and several other injuries make for an interesting journey to return to a functional and comfortable way of living and moving. I am achieving results which greatly improve my comfort and mobility and every time Arton and I work together a noticeable leap forward is being made. 

Muscles around my ribcage didn't work which made laughing and coughing very difficult, within a matter of minutes Arton gave me back the ability to at least partly being able to do these things. The same can be said for intentional movement in my fingers which is below my level of injury and therefore unusual to see movement come back. Even more astonishing is that with simple exercises noticeable intentional movement in my legs can be seen. After the last time we worked together, my posture and balance have improved to the extent that my consultant decided to no longer try to correct my posture with injections into my back. 

Arton's very clear and understandable way of working and explaining every step in the process are giving me a great insight in how to further progress with my recovery. There is still a long way to go in this recovery process and I look forward to continue working with Arton on being the best I can be."

. . . .


3x British Street Unicycling Champion

"Float Sting is truly redefining the age old maxim of "Give a man a fish..." 
Most movement specialists aim to correct the problem you approach them with, promising to be at your service when one encounters the next inevitable bump in the road, Arton offers only one solution, he will teach you how to fish. 
My friendly, comfortable and concise sessions with Arton have not consisted of back-breaking and pseudo scientific exercises, they've been a true education, aimed at not only improving my performance by rectifying my wrongs but by providing me with a format and framework to consistently move better in my daily life. He's created a state of mind which has increased my awareness of my body in my chosen sport but also when sitting on a bus or standing watching a gig, as these are often the innocent scenarios that reinforce negative patterns. 
For over a year I suffered from debilitating sciatica, waking every morning to a cocktail of painkillers just to tie my shoe laces. Float Sting provided me with the ability to help myself live a pain free life and optimised my performance, allowing me to continue to progress as a full time extreme sports athlete."

. . . .


Pro MMA fighter, Made4theCage

"I love the sport of MMA and I've always relished the opportunity to train and hate missing even a single session. Unfortunately due to this mentality, the physical nature of the sport and the length of time I've been competing, I've accumulated a series of injuries over the years, some more serious than others. I was put in touch with Arton through a friend who held the work he was doing in very high regard. I have to admit at first I was slightly apprehensive due to several failed attempts at physiotherapy in years past, but I went along and was amazed with the results. After the first session I left with a much improved self awareness of my body and my posture and almost immediately felt a significant improvement in a recurring ligament injury I'd been experiencing in my arm. I'd recommend anyone with any recurring injuries to give Arton a shout and I very much hope I get to work with him more over the coming months in the lead up to my next fight."

. . . .  


WKA Amateur Full Contact 3x English and 2x British -65kg Kickboxing Champion

"I was having to keep a brave face when I met Arton as walking was quite new to me since badly spraining my ankle a few weeks prior. I wasn't in agony as such but it was certainly uncomfortable to put one leg in front of the other. Within the hour Arton had me walking with ease, and I mean with EASE! It felt like I was walking on air compared to the chunk of wood in my foot feeling Ihad just 60 minutes earlier. Not only was Arton able to reduce the obstruction but he was also able to foresee an issue that I had elsewhere. 

Being able to walk freely was amazing but I was shocked further when Arton was able to deliver a shooting pain with a gentle two finger prod to my left hip. Arton explained how my wiring had gotten confused since my accident. He wasn't kidding. To resist his tug, on what had been my supporting leg, was like trying to wiggle my nose. It was impossible. My body simply didn't know how to do it. It had forgotten an entire movement! Let me tell you, this realisation was petrifying for someone who has to fight for a Commonwealth kickboxing title in a few months time. Of course Arton likes happy endings and so I was soon on my way with a fully functioning leg and a cooperative sprain, and walking on air the whole time.

I don't know how long I would have had that hunk of a splinter in my foot for if it wasn't for Arton, that's not to mention the cross wiring that I probably wouldn't of realised until it was too late. Within a few days I had moved from walking easily to running. By the end of the week I was doing cartwheels! I felt free again! 
If I win the Commonwealth title in a few months time then I'll dedicate it to him. If I don't then it will be entirely his fault and I'll want my money back! Thanks a lot Arton, I don't know where I'd be now if it wasn't for having that session with you that day!"

. . . .

Before and after of online work with a recreational Muay Thai fighter  . . . .

Before and after of online work with a recreational Muay Thai fighter

. . . .


Medical doctor & winner of Total Wipeout

"Arton was instrumental in getting me ready to win Total Wipeout with some of the fastest course times ever. His work makes an immediate difference to your freedom of movement and has exciting applications to those wanting to increase mobility, overcome pain and improve performance."

. . . . 


Powerlifter and Aikidoka

"Years of strength training and coming up to my first powerlifting competition I picked up a rather painful neck injury which was debilitating in both normal life and in my preparation for the competition.

A session later I couldn't believe the results! Not only did I get movement back in my neck, I also got back fluidity in movement through my whole body and was back in the gym the following day.

I have been to Arton twice now for different problems, will continue to see him for anything in the future and cannot recommend this man's capabilities any more than I already do now. Oh, and I set two personal bests at the powerlifting competition a few weeks after our second appointment!

Thank you Arton."

. . . .


Father of an 8 year old footballer

"After 12 months of inconclusive diagnoses of my 8 year old son's hip/ankle problems we have finally some light at the end of the tunnel!
My son is a very active 8 year old boy with a keen interest in football but this issue with his hips/ legs has limited his progression as he was unable to run freely or balance properly.  This causes him great frustration and distress at times. We were lead to believe it may be dyspraxia but decided to seek further advice and we were then told it was a muscular weakness in his ankles and hips.  
In one session with Arton we talked over my sons history and he pin-pointed the fact that Oliver didn't crawl as a child. He then tailored his session based around that missing part of his physical development and the results have been incredible! 
Oliver is now moving with more balance and freedom and his self-confidence is at an all-time high! Arton has given us some activities to do with Oliver that will continue his progress.  
I would recommend Arton/Float Sting as he is giving my son the freedom to play the sports he loves without the frustrations and limitations he once suffered. Thanks again."

. . . .



“I went to Arton after hearing about the Feldenkrais Method and knowing he was training in it. I had studied the Alexander Technique for three years and so I was very in touch with my body and knew when something wasn't right and felt out of place. My shoulder had been causing me real pain and I think it was all linked up to an injury I'd done on my ankle over 18 months before. At first I wasn't sure about Arton's treatment as I am used to osteopathy or more invasive/aggressive treatment forms, however, I have to say, I couldn't be more impressed. I worked with Arton to monitor and register the changes in my body while he was working with me and trying to re-align me. I honestly did feel a difference straight away and the next day I completely felt no pain in the shoulder. The whole experience was a relaxing one, where at first you thought “how can this stop the pain in my shoulder?” and by the end and the following day I was very happily amazed. Well done, Arton. I would recommend.”

 . . . .


Statistician & recreational goalkeeper

“For years, I have had a hunched posture. It may be no coincidence I herniated a disc in my mid twenties. After one session with Arton, I could immediately see and feel a difference in my posture and movement. I would recommend anyone looking to optimise their fitness or sporting performance to give it a try.”

. . . .


Ex Wigan Athletic, Portsmouth, Barnsley, Coventry City and Telstar footballer

I have played both in the Dutch and English professional leagues and have experienced my share of injuries during that time. Although I had the luck of never having a career-threatening injury, every minute spent injured felt like wasted time. Especially starting back training while recovering from an injury, trying to move like before the injury, always proved difficult.
Now having retired and trying to stay fit, I still experience some of the niggly problems that I developed during my time as a professional player. Meeting Arton in Holland, I got introduced to some of his methods. For me, Arton approaches the problem of the injury in a new way looking at individual muscle groups and their supposed function in contrast to their current function after the injury. It has given me a new way of looking at treating fitness problems. 
Meeting Arton while still playing would have certainly helped me recover from injuries and get back to full match fitness faster and stronger.

. . . .


World Champion powerlifter & deadlift Guinness World Record holder (1008lb)

"My first session with Arton made significant changes to my posture and ease of movement. I will be working with him on an ongoing basis to get my biomechanics better and better so that I can minimise my chances of injury and lift even bigger numbers. If you lift and are serious about being injury-free and getting the most out of your training, see Arton!"

. . . .


Team GB 3m synchronised diver, Commonwealth bronze medallist

“In preparing for the London Olympics, I used Float Sting. After my first session, Arton helped me learn to do something with my posture that I found impossible before and this will help me explode higher off the board, giving me more time to perform my dives. This is unlike anything you will have done before. Try it and you'll be amazed!"

. . . .


Wigan Athletic FC, Youth Development Phase Manager 12-16s

"Improved the speed and agility of some of our elite youth players in just minutes. I recommend Arton highly for top level athletes." 

. . . .


Taekwondo Korean Forms World Champion
& World Cup Winner

"My body has picked up quite a few injuries from over 10 years of training and competing. One of those was a strained spinal erector from about 5 years ago that has recurred despite treatment and I happened to tweak it a few weeks back. As an athlete, I am really picky about who I see for my recovery and rehabilitation work. I knew I could trust Arton because he trains (he has some mean lifting numbers), is a former athlete and he has experienced injury during a sporting career. He knows and understands what I am going through and the impact it has on my training and competitive career. After a session with Arton, I was aware that my body felt more balanced, my walk was lighter and my back pain disappeared. Arton is definitely one of my go-to guys for any movement or injury issues. I look forward to working with him in the future in my build up for my world cup and world championship tournaments and I strongly recommend him for any of your important issues."

. . . .


Roadrunners Soccer Club, Head Coach of U19 Surf Cup Winners 2016, Illinois

"Roadrunners U15 Select play in the National Premier League, which is the top competitive soccer league in Illinois. Arton joined us in the preseason training to help the team with the mental aspects of the game. In just two weeks we were able to observe an enormous increase in the boys’ focus and confidence. As a result, the number of errors at our games decreased by roughly 60%.

Arton also worked with some of the boys individually to help resolve various issues, from problems with past injuries to issues with balance, low flexibility etc. The feedback from the boys was very positive, they all enjoyed working with Arton, but more importantly the improvements they made carried to field as well.

We look forward to working with Arton again in the near future."  

. . . .


Dressage instructor

"As riders, we’re always working to improve ourselves so we can improve our horses, and Arton’s work is invaluable for this. Many of my students have done a session with him and it has helped them develop a better balance, a deeper, more secure seat and more accurate aids to their horses. As a result, their communication with the horse becomes lighter, clearer and more harmonious. Having increased body awareness, they also perform better in the riding lessons. 

After an individual session with Arton, one of my students simply played with the weight on her seatbones in the saddle and could suddenly sense where she needed to put herself to balance and bend the horse in a turn. Feeling this, rather than having it explained over and over, is crucial to learning and improving riding technique in my experience, and is exactly what improves sharply after Arton’s input. And through their increased body control and awareness, my students are able to follow instructions more accurately, allowing for quicker and easier progress.

Participating in classes and individual sessions has also significantly improved my own riding and feel for the horse. During Arton’s most recent rider class I could feel my body change, greatly helped by the “control” position and movement we kept going back to. Afterwards I noticed that I could lengthen my back and open my chest with much more ease, turned more evenly both ways and had much better control of my seatbones. And when I rode a particularly one-sided horse the next day, straight walk-canter transitions on the center line had suddenly become easy. I somehow just “knew” where I needed my body to be to guide her towards more straightness. 

Thank you Arton, for helping us all connect with our horses’ movement. It is a pleasure working with you!"

. . . .


Creator/writer of Cold Feet, recreational distance runner

"Whatever your ambition, Arton's your man. He tailors your training to your specific needs. He changes things up, so they never grow stale. And he's a terrific motivator, knowing when and how far to push and (just as importantly) when to ease off. I wanted (at the age of 57) to improve my running. I had a half marathon approaching and was keen to crack two hours. Under Arton's direction I achieved a time of 1 hr 51 mins. I've enough experience of training and running to know that this achievement was Arton's as much as mine. I've often thought that one trainer is very much like another, but Arton truly specialises in athletic performance and is a cut above."

. . . .


Prop for Mowden RFC

"After a very short time with Arton, my rounded shoulders were naturally drawn back, widening my chest, I was taller and I stood more solidly. This puts my body in a better position to tackle and for the scrum. The carryover helped me improve my game immediately."

. . . .


Recreational golfer

I can highly recommend Arton for whatever physical limitations you are suffering with. He has a unique ability to diagnose and treat you and for you to see almost immediate benefits.

. . . . 


Expert on NLP & Game Changing author

"In less than an hour Arton has performed a miracle - I am completely free of 'clicks' and aches for the first time in many years. Exercise is effortless, I'm more alert and performing at a higher level in every activity."

. . . .


Senior healthcare manager

"As a professional with 30 years expereince in delivering conventional healthcare as a practitioner and manager I am no gullible customer - indeed more like a consumate sceptic! However, having dislocated my shoulder and suffered a crushed nerve plexus over 10 years ago I had lived with intermittent severe headaches neck and shoulder pain. I tried the usual armoury of conventional remedies including physiotherapy, steroid injections, osteopathy, acupuncture and analgeisa - including opiates with no lasting effect. Having endured a particularly severe and enduring period of relentless pain and unable to undertake normal activities of daily living I was desperate. A series of 4 sessions with Arton over a short period of time and one follow up session has resulted in me being pain free for 6 months with a sustained increased range of motion in my head neck and shoulders, I stand taller and feel balanced. Arton delivers this gentle non invasive therapy in a relaxed, focussed and confident anner which is entirely congruent with the positive results he facilitates. I would encourage anyone who has lost hope, given up or is trying to learn to live with a supposed "long term condition" to give Arton's service a shot - you will not be disappointed!"

. . . .


NLP trainer & executive coach, black belt martial artist

"Two years of hip pain SIGNIFICANTLY reduced in one 40 minute session – outstanding! Arton has learned his craft from the best in the world and it shows. Anyone who would like to increase their comfort and improve their performance would do well to work with him if they are serous about improving."

. . . .


Royal Air Force

"After sustaining a severe ankle ligament injury and soft issue damage while on operations, walking was painful and awkward due to a significant limp. A single session delivered marked improvement in mobility by almost removing the limp, allowing freedom of movement and greater balance. Looking forward to the next session."

 . . . .


Recreational footballer

"I played 6 aside and 9 aside football each week then Saturday league football as a hobby. Each week I was left with a shooting pain in my shins from what I thought could be shin splints. I put it down to my trainers, the football boots I was using or the hard outdoor surfaces I was playing on. I visited the doctor about the pain who told me to reduce the amount of football I was playing. I also visited running specialists about new trainers and tried various video analysis about my running technique and changed all of my footwear. I reduced the football to once per week and packed in Saturday football. However, each week the pain still continued for months.

I completed one session with Arton which last about 50 minutes. From that session the pain has gone in my shins and I am back to playing football, using the gym and even running machines. The pain to this day (over 18 months ago at the time of writing) has not returned.

I now have a nickname for Arton; I call him 'John Coffey' from the Stephen King film 'The Green Mile' for his ability to take the pain away!"

. . . .



UFC competitor & MMA pioneer

“Towards the end of last year, I had the opportunity to do a few sessions with Arton. I was impressed with his understanding of the body and his keen interest in sport which translated clearly into the work he was doing. The sessions we did left me feeling relaxed and more able to move freely. More interesting, though, they drew my attention to certain habits and movement patterns that I had developed. Subtle changes in how I performed certain movements led a feeling of increased efficiency, less internal resistance. I became more conscious of exactly where the 'sticking points' were, and better able to reduce that unnecessary tension. We also looked at ways of translating this directly into actions and techniques specific to my own sport. I'm keen to do some more work with Arton in the future if the opportunity arises, and I'd certainly recommend Arton's work to anyone interested in exploring ways to improve their own performance or developing a better 'feel' for how their body moves.”

. . . .


England 1500m runner

"I run internationally and tests have shown I have the physiological make-up to compete at the highest level but my running efficiency and economy can be hugely improved. Within four relaxing sessions of working with Arton, I felt looser, taller and more balanced and more but more importantly, I noticed useful changes in my arm motion while running and in my leg speed. The day after our fourth session (all of our sessions took place during a period of intense training with increased mileage that improves fitness for later in the season but can make immediate performance suffer),I broke my personal best time for 5k in a road race by 27 seconds! I look forward to seeing how this helps me in the 1500m. I think working with Arton will help you improve your game, whatever it is."

. . . .


PGA Professional, Formby Hall Golf Resort & Spa

"As in all sports, golf takes its toll mentally, psychologically and certainly physically. In addition to power and flexibility training, I have started to see Arton to help increase my ease of movement and balance, the results of which have led me to feel complete control with my golf swing and I now see Arton and Float Sting as a major part of my training and practise to help prepare my body for effective practise and tournament play. As a player and a coach, I would fully recommend anyone to see Arton to improve biomechanics and bodily awareness to improve their performance levels."

. . . .


Manchester City FC, U17s Girls

"I wanted to improve the power of my shooting and my range of passing. Having found Arton's book on the topic, we worked together and he immediately found how I was losing power in my kicking technique. With a mix of movement drills done in the session and a kicking power training programme to go away with, my technique has changed greatly and I feel my passing and shooting are more powerful now. Because I know this, I also scuff less strikes because I don't feel the need to hit them as hard as I possibly can and i can rely now more on my technique which arton helped me to develop."

. . . . 


Football freestyle champion

"Arton really helped me a lot with my back injury, for spending only 1 day with me a lot was achieved. It was very relaxing and it opened up my mind a lot, he made me realise what my body was subconsciously doing without me realising and so it changed my way of thinking when ever I move a limb. Priceless service, I'm glad I had Arton to help me!"
. . . .


Recreational distance runner

Having developed a passion for running at the age of 29, I believed my inflexible, injury prone body could not be changed and only allowed me to run very slowly and inefficiently. I truly felt I had reached my running peak before I had even started, and over the last three years have seen little improvement and very few results.  

Since working with Arton I truly feel I have transformed as a runner. In two months (three sessions so far) we have seen significant improvement in my technique and I have achieved personal bests I never knew I could, including knocking 14 minutes off my half-marathon time.  Regular pain in my left hip and right shoulder has eased considerably, leading to a quicker recover time between runs.  

Arton’s patience, understanding and ability to listen is all part of the magic he brings to each session, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their performance, regardless of ability."

. . . .


Dancer & dance teacher

“As a dance performer and teacher, the impact my art form has on my body can be very intense and can leave me feeling ache, fatigued and heavy. From the work I did with Arton, I felt an immediate difference in how my body felt; I felt a lot lighter and my flexibility and range of movement was a lot more free and easy and my aches and pains were almost non-existent. All this helps me so much as it enables me to continue training at a consistent rate without being interrupted. As it gives my body that really light feeling, it also helps me reach new levels in movement and flexibility thus improving my dance.”

. . . . 


Yoga teacher

"For 5 years, on and off, I suffered with lower back pain. At best this left me unable to attend my regular yoga and gym classes, and at worst rendered me unable to go to work. My workplace referred me to Occupational Health who arranged for me to have a series of physiotherapy sessions. When this failed to ease the pain, I visited my doctor who prescribed me a course of anti-inflammatory pain killers called Diclofenac.

I heard about Arton through my boyfriend and decided to give his method a try, and was very glad that I did. It took just one session for him to put right what had been wrong for a long time. It has been one year since then and I am happy to say that the pain has not returned. As a result of this I was able to complete my Yoga Teacher Training and I am now a fully qualified Yoga Teacher.

I highly recommend Arton's service as without it I wouldn't have been able to do this."

. . . .


British Masters 2012 Weightlifting Champion

"I am someone who trains 5 days a week, and depending on where I am in my yearly cycle, it might be twice a day. I am very good at dynamic and ballistic stuff that my Olympic weightlifting sport demands. Injury prevention and flexibility is a big part of my training, to which I owe a lot, as I do not have any injuries. However, I'm always rushing around and do not stop. Having a session with Arton, I found the experience very relaxing and comfortable. Arton is likeable and easy to work with."

. . . . 


Dressage rider

"I started horsebackriding when I was 7 and it was simple. But as I grew up, my body started to get stiff and sore and my riding started to get more difficult.My hips and shoulders where no longer even and I couldn't lift my shoulder all the way up. The doctor gave me painkillers and send me to a physiotherapist, they diagnosed scoliosis and told me to learn to live with it. People that know me know there is one thing that really gets me going and that's if somebody tells me there are boundaries to what I can do. I started running, Pilates and Yoga.
Riding is a requires a committed, connected relationship with your horse. You are both a team. But to get the most out of this partnership you need a straight and balanced horse. And to get a straight horse you need a straight rider. To really make a good rider you need to be in balance to use your own body to move the body of the horse.
My trainer Tessa Roos introduced me to Arton who started by just looking at me standing. He immediately told me that the right side of my body was shorter than the left side. Something I already knew, but Arton was the first one to explain why. He explained that the muscles on the right sight where much shorter then the ones on the left side. Which resulted in me lifting up my right hip and lowering my right shoulder. On the horse that resulted in me giving much more pressure on the left side stopping my horse to lengthen the muscles in his back which he needed to bend correctly in the turns. Arton helped me with exercises that made me more straight and much looser in my whole body. The second session he solved my 10 year shoulder problem in under 3 minutes - that must be a new record! The sessions with Arton not only help me to understand how my body works and that I have to key to a pain free and flexible life but they also make me a better rider and give me better core stability – my Pilates and plank improved big time! The first time I got back on my horse, he stopped turned his head round and looked at me. He needed to adjust to our new balance and once we found it there was such a big difference. Thanks Arton for your expertise, commitment and the difference you made."

. . . .


Recreational distance runner

I've been running as part of my (on and off) keep fit regime for about six years, as a complement to fairly steady gym-based training. I'm now 41, and over the last year and a half my running has progressed to taking on a few half-marathons as a way of keeping myself challenged. My performance had pretty much levelled out and I felt it was a good time to take on a coach to give me a boost ahead of an upcoming half-marathon.

I discussed my situation with Arton and that my goal was to improve my overall times for distance running, and he suggested a training programme that would go hand-in-hand with my regular running through the week. His approach was to use strength training to "turn my body into a spring", making every step of the run that bit more powerful, thereby improving both my speed and stamina.

I liked the sound of this so we got started on four weeks of 2x45min sessions each week, then four weeks of 2x30min sessions each week. As promised there was plenty of work with weights, all with a focus on form so you learn how to do it properly and get the most from your hard work.

Each session had a gradual but definite build up of effort rather than trying to make you hurt after each session. Arton balanced this very well in line with my increasing training runs towards my next half-marathon. I always felt that I had achieved more than the last session without feeling like it had killed me, so was always keen to get back in for more! Personally, I felt like I was on top of progress rather than being dominated by it - this came from Arton's experience and understanding of what I was actually capable of in each session. 

And the end result? My half-marathon performance improved from 05:40min/km to 05:11min/km and my overall time came down by a full 6min. I now come in at just under 01:56h, after struggling to get close to the two hour mark. Even better, as I've been shown how to do various weight-training exercises properly I now have the confidence to keep working hard at the gym and go after further improvement. Definitely money and hard sweat well spent, I would recommend Arton to anyone!

. . . .


Footcare specialist

"Thank you so much for the session we had. Prior to the session I couldn't walk up slopes or hills without pain and fatigue in my knees and calves. After just one session I have been able to run up slopes and even climbed to the top of the Vatican. My partner is amazed at the change in me."



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