Arton working with Andy Bolton, the first man ever to deadlift over 1000lbs, a few years ago

Arton working with Andy Bolton, the first man ever to deadlift over 1000lbs, a few years ago

The deadlift is one of the fundamental exercises in most gym programmes. Complete the self assessment below to get an idea how well your deadlift training is going.

Does the majority of my training involve full range benching, touching to chest? *
Am I aware of the importance of my sternum during benching? *
Am I aware that the chest muscles are not generally the most important muscles in developing a big bench? *
Do I have my weight distributed evenly on the bench as I do the exercise? *
Have I ever had or do I currently have any pain as or straight after my bench? *
Do I have my feet evenly against the ground as I bench?
Am I aware of the role of the neck in benching? *
Am I aware of the optimal position of the elbows relative to the torso during lifting? *
Am I aware of the direction that the elbows should face while benching? *
Do I feel like I contribute with my lower body to the lift? *
Do I use a spinal arch to bench? *
Does my training use a variety of different width grips? *
Am I aware of how grip plays a role in my bench? *
Do I use hip stretches to benefit my bench? *
Do I do a good amount of work to keep my shoulders healthy? *
Do I use the optimal bar path to lift big? *
Do I know how to set up a max bench session with no spotters? *
Can I comfortably hook grip? *
Do I understand the role that speed training can play in improving bench? *
Does one arm feel stronger than the other during benching? *
Has my max bench improved in the past 3 months? *

Of the 21 Y/N questions, how many did you answer Yes to?

If you have answered Yes to less than 16 of these questions, you need some work on your deadlifting - the less Yes answers, the more urgent your need for help to get your deadlifting back on track.

To get coached to lift bigger numbers with better form and less risk of injury, contact Arton using the form below to arrange a pre-coaching consultation mentioning a few good days and times that you can meet.