Arton working with Andy Bolton, the first man ever to deadlift over 1000lbs, a few years ago

Arton working with Andy Bolton, the first man ever to deadlift over 1000lbs, a few years ago

The deadlift is one of the fundamental exercises in most gym programmes. Complete the self assessment below to get an idea how well your deadlift training is going.

Am I sure that I maintain a slight arch in my lower back at the bottom of my deadlift? *
Do my heels lift or does the weight transfer to the front third of my foot as I deadlift? *
Can I easily keep contact with the bar throughout my deadlift? *
Do I have my weight distributed evenly on both feet as I deadlift? *
Have I ever had or do I currently have any pain as I deadlift? *
Do I find it easy to keep my chest up while deadlifting?
Do I ever feel strain in my neck whilst deadlifting? *
Can I do a full range deadlift with good form? *
Is a deadlift from small blocks (6 inches or so) easier than from the floor? *
Am I able to pull the bar from stationary without jerking violently? *
Does my upper back round at any point during my lift? *
Do I lift my chest and my pelvis initially at the same time? *
Do I feel my hamstrings and glutes work as I am deadlifting or do I get DOMS in them afterwards? *
Can I lock out a rep without pulling my shoulders way back behind my pelvis? *
Is my grip fine and not a limiting factor? *
Do I know ways to increase intra-abdominal pressure? *
Can I comfortably mixed grip? *
Can I comfortably hook grip? *
Am I weaker at the bottom or top of the lift? *
Has my deadlift max increased in the last 3 months? *
Can I let my arms hang straight at the elbow through the entire lift? *
Can I comfortably sumo deadlift? *
If so, what is my preferred stance *

Of the 21 Y/N questions, how many did you answer Yes to?

If you have answered Yes to less than 16 of these questions, you need some work on your deadlifting - the less Yes answers, the more urgent your need for help to get your deadlifting back on track.

To get coached to lift bigger numbers with better form and less risk of injury, contact Arton using the form below to arrange a pre-coaching consultation mentioning a few good days and times that you can meet.