The squat is one of the fundamental exercises in most gym programmes. Complete the self assessment below to get an idea how well your squat training is going.

Am I sure that I maintain a slight arch in my lower back at the bottom of my squat? *
Do my heels lift or does the weight transfer to the front third of my foot as I squat? *
Do I feel like the movements down and up follow the same path? *
Do I have my weight distributed evenly on both feet as I squat? *
Have I ever had or do I currently have any pain as I squat? *
Do I find it easy to keep my chest up while squatting?
Do I ever feel strain in my neck whilst squatting? *
Do I squat as deeply as I want to? *
Am I able to squat in such a way as to take the strain off my knees? *
Am I able to squat up under control rather than bouncing out of the bottom of my squat? *
Do my knees cave in as I squat? *
Do the arches of my feet collapse in as I squat? *
Does one or both of my feet want to rotate inwards as I squat? *
Do I feel my hamstrings and glutes work as I am squatting or do I get DOMS in them afterwards? *
As I put more weight on the bar, do I keep squatting to a consistent depth? *
Can I overhead squat with weight? *
Can I front squat with my arms in the front rack position? *
If so, do I have comfort in my wrists of shoulders doing so? *
Has my squat max increased in the last 3 months? *

Of the 19 Y/N questions, how many did you answer Yes to?

If you have answered Yes to less than 14 of these questions, you need some work on your squatting - the less Yes answers, the more urgent your need for help to get your squatting back on track.

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