The quality of many people's golf is limited by their body more than they know.

Does one of the following sound like you?


  • Too stiff to rotate properly and get into key positions in the swing.
  • Riddled with aches, pains and injury, possibly missing practise and playing time as a consequence.
  • Poor control of your swing even though you know what to do.
  • Your long shots don't go as far as you feel you should be able to strike them?
  • Know that being fitter would help your golf but could use help with golf-specific fitness.


The Golf Body Expert specialises in helping players train so that they move away from a sub-par body and towards a sub-par game.

With years of experience helping people of all ages quickly reduce pain, move with more freedom and coordination and get fitter for the game they love, he can help you train your body to better support your golf.


Sessions are available at Formby Hall Golf Resort on Tuesday afternoons and evenings with 30 minute sessions costing £40 and blocks of 3x30 minute sessions costing £100.

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