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Do you suspect that moving better would help you play better?
Do you know that a golf specific fitness programme would improve your game?
Do you have pain that makes practising difficult or impossible at times?


The way you move is crucial to the levels of performance you achieve and the levels of pain you experience. Poor movement means that we can't achieve fundamental positions within the golf swing and that our control and consistency are poor. A lack of core strength and control has us leak power. Pain causes missed practise that takes us backwards and even if we can practise, our quality is poorer for the distraction. All of these are frustrations.

We specialise in improving your ability to get your body in those key swing positions, making you more powerful throughout them, reducing pain and taking those frustrations away.



My name is Arton Baleci and I have worked with Olympians, footballers and athletes all over the world from many sports, helping them to movebetter so that they can perform with less pain and more power.

Importantly, I have worked successfully with many golfers helping them improve accuracy and club head speed, get over troublesome injuries and reduce and remove chronic pain.


My name is Richie Marsden.I am the Head Coach at Formby Hall Golf Resort. I coach players from beginners to tour players in all things golf while also playing in PGA North region and national events. I continually educate myself on all things golf and years ago it became apparent to me that many people's technique was being let down not because of their lack of understanding of the swing but because their body wouldn't do what they wanted.

How well you play is greatly dependent on:

● How often and how well you practise
● How well you can make your body move in the ways you want to


We knew that armed with a sound technical knowledge of the game, if someone could develop their body to move with with greater fluidity, power and control, they could take their game forward leaps and bounds. We have created a programme
that will finally get your body on par.

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