Then we rigorously test your sports-specific fitness to gauge the size of your engine for your sport. By comparing your fitness to higher performers in your game, we can see which components of your sports-specific fitness need developing and then we can give your sports fitness engine higher horsepower with a unique training programme.


Based on your movement and fitness needs, you will be trained methodically using scientifically-backed methods that will regularly provide progress. The amount, quality and intensity of the training you do will be tracked, as will regular video analysis and technology that allows the ongoing assessment of your speed, power and strength.


In addition to this, Float Sting has years of experience in rehabilitating people from pain and injury. Rather than any rehabilitation work you do being disjointed from your training, many niggles and injuries can be dealt with as an integrated part of your training.


All of these elements together with your hard work ensure transformation of your athletic abilities.


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In the vast majority of cases, there is one thing limiting your athletic progress. If you are truly applying yourself and not improving, the structure and methods that constitute your training are responsible. It doesn’t matter how well you think it is put together, your results show differently.


It is likely that something fundamental is being overlooked. It may be the way you move, how often you train, the balance of training different physical capabilities. It may be many things. The only way to know for sure is to do an in-depth analysis of your physical capabilities and build from there, so that’s exactly what we do.


First, we do an in-depth analysis of how you move. This is a fundamental and often overlooked factor in athletic/sports performance. Not moving well is the equivalent of not being able to access higher gears in a car in desperate need of a tune-up. Finding out exactly where you move poorly and improving these areas gives you extra gears and tunes you up for better performance.