Having dislocated my shoulder and suffered a crushed nerve plexus over 10 years ago I had lived with intermittent severe headaches neck and shoulder pain. I tried the usual armoury of conventional remedies including physiotherapy, steroid injections, osteopathy, acupuncture and analgeisa - including opiates with no lasting effect. Having endured a particularly severe and enduring period of relentless pain and unable to undertake normal activities of daily living I was desperate. A series of 4 sessions with Arton over a short period of time and one follow up session has resulted in me being pain free for 6 months with a sustained increased range of motion in my head neck and shoulders, I stand taller and feel balanced. Arton delivers this gentle non invasive therapy in a relaxed, focussed and confident anner which is entirely congruent with the positive results he facilitates. I would encourage anyone who has lost hope, given up or is trying to learn to live with a supposed “long term condition” to give Arton’s service a shot - you will not be disappointed!
— Jill Collins, Senior Healthcare Manager


Physio has failed many people with long-standing injuries and pain. 

That's because injuries and pain are only symptoms, not causes.

The cause of most chronic injury and pain is sub-optimal use of the sensory systems. If our senses are distorted, we use our bones and muscles sub-optimally and this is how we keep pain or have recurring injury.

No amount of treatment of the tissues that physiotherapy does will address this cause.

That's why you need something different.

Here at FLOAT STING, I am trusted as an expert by people up through to Olympians (silver medallist Leon Taylor in the photo) and professional athletes to help them make changes in their sensory systems that help them resolve chronic pain and injury that physio has failed at doing. We make changes in minutes and hours to conditions that have lasted months and years and that have sometimes been diagnosed as permanent.

The specialised sessions last 30 minutes, are relatively pain-free and relaxing and are highly effective. They usually cost £90 each but if you quote PHYSIOFAILED when booking, you will receive your first two sessions with 20% off at the price of £72 each.

60 minute sessions are also available for individuals with multiple injuries.

To find out if FLOAT STING can help you learn your way out of pain and injury at the London clinic, on Harley Street, or elsewhere, call

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